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Garden Plants | Plants for terraces, balconies and conservatories

Just in time for Spring, we're super excited to bring you our brand new assortment of indoor-outdoor Garden Plants! Choose from a range of unusual trees, shrubs and grasses. All of the plants in this collection come in growing pots, so you can move them inside in poor weather and outside in fair weather.

The Tea plant and its green leavesTea plant in a black growing pot
Tea Plant
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Lemon tree with green leave and yellow lemonsLemon tree with lemons in a jute basket
Lemon Tree
The Panda Plant leavesThe Panda Plant in a white pot
Panda Plant
Calamondin Orange TreeCalamondin Orange Tree in jute basket
Calamondin Orange Tree
Kumquat Tree with bright green foliage and various oval shaped orange KumquatsKumquat tree in a jute beige and black basket
Kumquat Tree