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Cylindrical Snake Plant
Cylindrical Snake Plant leaf
Cylindrical Snake Plant top
Rex Pot
Rex Pot
Carbon Pot
Cylindrical Snake Plant with carbon pot

Cylindrical Snake Plant & Pots

Sansevieria Cylindrica with Rex and Carbon Pot

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A plant and pot combo for the inattentive plant-lover!

Structural, weighty and pleasingly cylindrical, this Snake Plant is pretty much a living sculpture. Snake plants need to be watered very sparingly as they’re built to store water in their fronds. As such, the Snake Plant is a bonafide succulent. We've paired it with the Rex and Carbon Pot, reminiscent of a fossilized dinosaur egg with it's cracked clay and rounded shape.

Combo includes: Sansevieria Cylindrica(14cm) with Rex & Carbon Pot

Decorative pot size: 15cm

Overall plant height including decorative pot: 30-35cm

Pets: Keep away from nibbly pets

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