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Footstool Palm
Livistona Rotundifolia Plant
Footstool Palm Plant
Livistona Rotundifolia Indoor Plant
Livistona Rotundifolia
Footstool Palm Plant UK
Livistona Rotundifolia Plant - Bloomboxclub
Livistona Rotundifolia Houseplant
Footstool Palm Houseplant

Footstool Palm

Livistona Rotundifolia

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This stunning palm will add a touch of the tropics to your home. It adjusts to living in homes extremely well and is even partial to some neglect. If you re-pot it regularly, it could grow to a whopping 2m indoors! Keep it away from direct sunshine and water whenever you feel the top level of oil is dry. It likes a misting too. This palm is a great air purifier, with the ability to remove formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide from the air. 

I'm a great way of adding a touch of the tropics to your home. My long green leaves wouldn't be out of place on the Caribbean coast but I am pretty well-suited to indoor environments.

Growing Pot Size: 14cm diameter

Overall plant height including growing pot: 25-35cm

Pets: Safe and sound for pets

Useful to know:

Origin Southeast Asia and New Guinea.


I'm smaller than most other palms, but I can still grow up to 2m indoors. 


Keep me in a bright warm room away from direct sunlight.


Water me lightly when the soil is dry to the touch.


I should be fine in most households but I really don't like the cold, so keep me away from draughts.


Feed me occasionally at half-strength during the warmer months.


Old browning leaves should be trimmed off with scissors. Please don't pull them off!


Humidity is the key to keeping me healthy. Wipe my leaves if dust builds up so that I can breathe properly.


Good news: I am pet-safe!


If you're looking for a way to increase humidity, you can put a layer of pebbles between by my growing pot and ceramic pot.