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Hydroponic Monkey Mask Monstera
Hydroponic Monkey Mask in a class vase with water
Monkey Mask plant in a glass jar with water
Monkey Mask plant's roots detail
Close up of the Hydroponic Monkey Mask plant

Hydroponic Monkey Mask Monstera - Monstera Adansonii

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The Hydroponic Monkey Mask Monstera is a very close relative of the Swiss Cheese plant with an added benefit: No soil needed! 

Overall plant height including glass: 30 cm

Key Benefits — Dust trapping and flexibility. 

Because of its large leaves, the Monstera adansonii is excellent at attracting dust and keeping them away from the air you breathe. Great if you suffer from allergies! 

In addition to that, growing plants in water give you more flexibility in arrangement. They will not grow as fast as soil-planted plants but they remain luscious for longer! 

How do Hydroponic plants work? 

  • Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil. The nutrients needed are collected from water instead. 
  • Growing plants in water have become more popular over the past few years, especially with plant parents that don’t have much space and renters. Hydroponic plants do not need heavy, bully media and are much easier to relocate. 

How to set it up

  • You will receive your Hydroponic Monkey Mask Monstera and a glass container. 
  • Pop the plant in the glass. Add enough water to cover its roots only
  • The top part of the roots should be free of water so they can breathe.

How to care for the Hydroponic Monkey Mask Monstera

  • Keep an eye on the water level, as it evaporates, it will need to be topped up, covering the roots only.
  • If you notice the water becoming a little dense, remove the plant, rinse the roots and replace the water with a fresher solution. 
  • Because of filtration and chlorination, tap water will not have the nutrients your plant needs, so, use spring or rainwater. 
  • From time to time, add a few drops of liquid organic fertiliser to the water. Change the water the next day. The plant will have absorbed all the necessary nutrients and will not sit in too much nourishment for too long (this could damage the roots). 
  • Keep the glass always clean, this will ensure the plant lives longer! 
  • Place the plant in a bright room avoiding direct sunlight. 
  • Wipe the leaves with a clean cloth to remove accumulated dust. 

The Monkey Mask Monstera Story

Where is it from?

Originally from the tropical forests of South and Central America, predominantly Mexico. 

Who is the Hydroponic Monkey Mask Monstera?

Also known as the Swiss cheese vine and Five Holes plant. 

Good For You!

  • Purifying: The Monkey Mask Monstera absorbs impurities from the air making it safer to breathe! 
  • Colour: Its bright greens trigger an evolutionary response that improves vitality and makes you feel healthier! 

Is The Hydroponic Monkey Mask Monstera The Right Plant For Me?

Hydroponic plants in general are easy to care for and great for new plant parents. 

Pets: Toxic if eaten, keep me away from nibbly pets.

Add personality to your interior decor including a Hydroponic Monkey Mask Monstera to your plant collection today!