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Large Rhapis Excelsa
Large Rhapis Excelsa Plant
Rhapis excelsa plant
Large Rhapis Excelsa indoor plant
Large Rhapis Excelsa house plant
Rhapis excelsa For Sale
Rhapis excelsa plant UK
Large Rhapis Excelsa Plant UK
Large Rhapis Excelsa For Sale

Large Rhapis Excelsa

Rhapis excelsa

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This leafy plant is also known as the 'broadleaf lady palm' - but it's for boys too!

The Rhapis genus is native to southern China and Taiwan, but it has been specially cultivated for indoor environments. The name rhapis is Greek in origin, and means 'needle' while 'excelsa' is Latin for tall, which we think captures the appearance pretty well. 

Keep it happy with indirect light and plenty of humidity.   

Growing pot: 27cm diameter.

Height: approximately 95-105cm from floor to top of plant.

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