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Closeup of Philodendron Rubi in a teal pot
Philodendron red in teal pot
Philodendron Ruby UK
Philodendron Ruby
Philodendron Ruby
Philodendron Ruby
Philodendron Ruby House Plant
Philodendron Ruby

Philodendron Ruby

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The Philodendron Ruby is an eye-catching tropical plant with burgundy stems and dark green leaves with red undersides.

Philodendrons are evergreen climbing plants that will not only look great in any room in your home but also add a dramatic charm to your aesthetics. 

Growing pot size: 19cm 

Overall plant height, including growing pot: 45-55 cm

Key Benefits — Purifying and humidifying 

Philodendrons help enhance air quality and reduce indoor pollution

As part of its photosynthesis,it filters many pollutants that get trapped in carpets, furniture and home cleaning products.

Being natives of rainforests, it prefers humid environments and, if you mist it regularly, it will help increase humidity in a room. 

Plant Care Tips: Philodendron Ruby

  • Place the plant in a space with bright indirect sunlight. If you notice the leaves turning yellow, move it a little to protect it from the sun rays. 
  • Make sure the top 3 inches of the soil are dry between waterings . If you over water it, the leaves may droop.
  • Feed it  balanced liquid foliage houseplant fertilizer that contains macronutrients. Water the plant with the fertilizer every month during the growing season and every six to eight weeks in the colder months. 
  • This plant likes toasty temperatures, in the winter keep it in a well-heated room. 

The Philodendron Ruby

Philodendrons are the type of plants that grow really well indoors. They will enjoy an occasional stay outdoors during spring and summer for fresh air in a shaded area.  

Where is it From?

They are native to the rainforests of Brazil, French Guiana and Suriname but can also be found in other parts of South America. 

Good For You!

  • Air-Purifying: As part of its photosynthesis, it helps stabilise levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 
  • Transpiring: Plants replenish oxygen and moisture in the air, with so much time spent working indoors, having tropical plants at home or in the office is a great benefit!

Is The Philodendron Ruby The Right Plant For Me?

Easy-going and  fast growers, they are perfect for new plant parents. Just make sure it receives the correct care. 

Is it toxic? It’s toxic if ingested. Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children.

How tall does it grow? 

As an aroid epiphyte, it has the ability to reach impressive heights. Even a single leaf on a mature plant can reach 18” in length.

We think this plant is just as precious as the jewel! Beautify your home and get this gem now! 

Looking for care information?

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