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Ochre score pot
Grey score pot
Ochre score pot with Mikado plant
Grey Score pot with Pothos plant
Ochre score pot with dwarf ficus tree
Sweethart Brazil plant in grey Score Pot

Score Pot

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Plant pots are a must-have if you want to add extra style to your indoor garden. 

The Score pots will add even more style to your indoor oasis with cool vintage vibes and a touch of the 70s!

Made of ceramic and carefully glazed, these colored pots have a cream base and they pair really well with each other

They fit 12cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 12cm

Internal depth: 12cm


Key Benefits — Protection and Style

Ceramic pots allow air and humidity to move through plants. This helps nutrients travel from top to root preventing the growth of root rot.


Wipe it with a dry cloth 

If you are looking for a pot to add a retro-chic touch to your plant collection, your search is over! Buy your Score Pot today!