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Sweetpea Pots
Sweetpea Pots | Begonia Maculata
Sweetpea Pots | Calathea Rufibarba
Sweetpea Pots Medium
Sweetpea Pots Large
Small Sweetpea Pots
Sweetpea Pot | Philohastatum
Sweetpea Pots | Money Tree

Sweet Pea Pots

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Our Sweetpea pots are curved ceramic pots in variegated dusky pink. Sweetpea comes in three sizes, so you can get the collection or mix and match. The colouring and dappled effect is the result of a chemical reaction in the firing process so no two will be exactly the same.

Sweet Pea Pot Small:

  • Fits 11-12cm growing pots
  • Opening diameter: 12.5cm
  • Internal depth: 12.5cm

Sweet Pea Pot Medium:

  • Fits 13-14cm growing pots
  • Opening diameter: 14.5cm
  • Internal depth: 14.5cm

Sweet Pea Pot Large:

  • Fits 15-17cm growing pots
  • Opening diameter: 17cm
  • Internal depth: 17cm

Among the plants we've paired Sweetpea with are the Emerald Palm, Coffee Plant, Calathea rufibarba, Anthurium Jungle King and the Begonia Maculata.