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Indoor Outdoor Plants and the In-between Garden

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Publisher: Bloombox Club
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In-between gardens and the indoor-outdoor plants!

I am constantly stimulated by new ideas when it comes to gardening and the plant world, and am particularly keen on finding ways to make the growing world easier to understand and appreciate.

I’ve been busy putting together a new concept, which I shall name ‘the in between garden’! At the same time, I have also spent a bit of time exploring how there can be more similarities between gardening inside and outside than you’d expect. 

But first..

What’s an indoor-outdoor plant?

When beginners first come into the gardening world, they’re often flummoxed by the titles that some plants carry, such as Hardy Perennial or Half Hardy Shrub. These often refer to whether they’ll grow outdoors in the UK, but how about those plants that evade such classification? The indoor-outdoor plants.

This selection of plants brings together specimens that are happy as houseplants, but will also enjoy an extended summer holiday outdoors!

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More affectionately known as Geraniums, these Mediterranean beauties can be grown on the windowsill or in summer patio pots and bedding schemes. Choose from Zonal (with decorative foliage), Regal (with fancy blooms) or Scented Leaf (with aromatic foliage)!

Canna ‘Cannova’

Canna flower

These new super short Canna plants make handsome pot plants, which can be placed on any table- indoors or out! They are achingly exotic, yet deceptively easy to grow!

Gerbera ‘Sweet Series’

This new and shiny Gerbera was only created within the last few years, and is a plant that can actually be grown outdoors all year round, but can also be grown in a sunny room indoors. What a table centerpiece!


What’s an in-between garden?

I wanted to find a way that meant people couldn’t find an excuse not to grow plants, and I think I’ve found it! it’s the in between garden, aka the window box!

Yes, you may not have an outdoor space. Yes, you may not have the space or light conditions for indoor plants. But, I bet you’ve got a window where you live!

There are a huge range of window boxes available on the market, for all sizes of windows and windowsills. 

You may have large wide Victorian window ledges that can house ‘free-standing’ boxes, or perhaps your sills are much more narrow, in which case you can mount some models to the wall. Either way, consider this in between space as an option to grow some things!

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Window boxes are great way of softening the exterior of your home and adding a splash of color to otherwise grey, or plain red brick, walls. 

You could go majestic with red flowing Geraniums as most homeowners in Switzerland do, or mix things up with a selection of the usual suspects; from fuchsias to begonias.

These are annuals though. If you’re thinking more long term with your display, then why not consider some perennial foliage specimens; from ferns to heuchera.

A kitchen window would benefit from an outside window box of herbs, with the benefit being that you can reach through the window and pick a bunch whenever you need them in your cookery! Likewise, stuff your window box with salad crops and mini tomatoes for regular snacking purposes!

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