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The Green Room

From plant care tips and videos to wellbeing articles, our blog is full of bitesize information that will help you take care of plants - and of yourself

Succulent Varieties, Caring Guide and Tips
Succulents are taking over! They are everywhere, from indoor gardens all the way to wedding decor. Check out our peek into some of the different su...
Which Hanging Indoor Plants Are Perfect For Every Room Of Your House?
Hanging indoor plants are fashionable and they come in every shape, size and colour! Plants are the newest trend in both indoor and outdoor decor. ...
Low Maintenance Hanging Plants To Add Greenery To Your Space
They are stylish! They save space! And they add a whole lot of greenery to your home or office. Hanging plants are the newest trend in the world of...
Everything To Consider Before Buying An Indoor Plant
So, we hear you’re looking to buy an indoor plant? Perhaps you’ve heard of the magical air-purifying and stress-reducing properties of indoor plant...
Which Plant Is Best For Each Zodiac Sign?
Do you ever make a plant purchase and after a few days, realise it’s just not the right one for you? Do you start with the best intentions, but in ...
A Perfect Guide on How to Care & Decorate your Space with Hoyas
Hoyas come in all shapes and sizes, with no two looking the same. Also known as Wax Plants, they have gorgeous thick succulent leaves and boast stu...
Our 5 Best Spring Season Indoor Plant Care Tips
The days are getting longer and warmer, the birds start singing and flowers begin to bud. Our favourite season is just around the corner - Spring! ...
The Wellbeing Benefits of Indoor Plants
All houseplants improve health and wellbeing, but different characteristics draw out different benefits.  Psychologist and Bloombox Club founder, h...
12 Easy-Going Plants That Won't Require Re-Potting Every Year
We know that plant care can be a bit time-consuming at the best of times. If you lead a particularly busy lifestyle, you might be avoiding buying n...
A Failsafe Guide to Repotting Plants
Spring is the perfect time to repot your houseplants. Though they live in doors, houseplants still respond to seasonal changes. 
How Does Colour Affect Mood?
Is your home a place that lifts your spirits and makes you feel comfortable?  Do you have a living room that makes you feel secure, a bedroom that ...
5 Restorative Plants for Focus and Tranquillity

Although all plants are restorative, some are more so than others, due to qualities such as colour, pattern distribution and texture. For example, studies have shown that fractal patterns have a marked influence on participants’ ability to focus on a task. Here are 5 of the best plants to aid tranquillity and calm.