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The Green Room

From plant care tips and videos to wellbeing articles, our blog is full of bitesize information that will help you take care of plants - and of yourself

Can Plants Help Break Bad Habits?
When we’re stressed or tired, we're likely to reach for things that will bring us immediate relief – whether that’s chocolate, alcohol, social media scrolling etc. While this response is normal, immediate fixes also tend to be short lived and addictive: they don’t placate bad feelings but create desire for more of whatever it was that brought us relief.  
A Natural Health Service? Wildlife Conservation as Mental Health Treatment
Mental health programmes with nature at their core are both effective and ‘excellent value for money,’ says independent research carried out by Leeds Beckett and Essex University, in collaboration with the Wildlife Trust.
Is too much choice making us depressed?
The prerogative to choose is essential to living a good life, without it we wouldn’t have our own identities or basic human rights, but is there such a thing as 'too much'?