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Plantcare from A‑Z

Grow your green fingers with our massive A-Z of plants - find all the care tips you need to keep your plants happy

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Rubber Plant Belize
(aka Ficus elastica 'Belize')
I am a stylish variety of the Rubber Plant with broad cream and green leaves have tints of pink and burgundy when young. Useful to know: Origin I...
Weeping Fig 'Kinky'
(aka Ficus Benjamina 'Kinky')
Somewhere between bush, shrub and tree, I have delicate branches with small, drooping leaves. My leaves are a rich green, with lighter green shadin...
Long Leaf Fig
(aka Ficus maclellandii 'Alii')
I am a new-ish cultivar, tougher and less of a diva than my Ficus cousins, I won't drop my leaves easily! My slender leaves make me a stylish addit...