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Close Up of Caladium's Munson pink leaves
Caladium Fannie Munson in a black growing pot

Caladium Fannie Munson

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The biggest Caladiums we've ever had!

Fannie Munson Caladium is a gorgeous indoor and outdoor plant with bright flamingo pink leaves that will brighten any garden throughout the summer! 

Overall plant height including growing pot:  45-55cm height including growing pot

Growing pot size: Growing pot size 24cm diameter. 

Key Benefits — Purifying and Humidifying 

Caladiums are excellent at purifying and humidifying the air! 

Plant Care Tips: The Caladium Fannie Munson 

  • Just like all caladiums, the Fannie Munson will thrive in partial shade. 
  • It’s a tropical plant that will enjoy the warmer temperatures of the summer.  
  • Water it regularly making sure the soil is always moist, but not wet. 
  • During the growing season, feed it with a liquid fertiliser or slow-release pellets 
  • If you notice leaves becoming brown, cut 5cm above the soil and new leaves will start to grow.

The Caladium Fannie Munson Story

Caladiums are dormant winter plants. In the colder months, the leaves will dry out and fall. You can keep its tubers in soil, in a dark room and replant it again when Spring arrives! 

Where are they from?

Caladiums are tropical plants native to Central America and the northern parts of South Caladiums are natives of Central and South America. 

Are Caladiums the right plants for me?

Caladiums are relatively easy to care for and will thrive in most environments during the summer if you make sure to give them their preferred conditions. 

Your Fannie Munson may dry out slightly in transit, this is totally normal and will not affect the health of the plant. Make sure you water it thoroughly as soon as it arrives in its new home. Just within just 24 to 48 hours, it will look its glorious usual self!! 

Pets and children: Toxic, please keep away from pets and children. If you have sensitive skin, use gloves when handling it. 

How tall does it grow? They grow up to 2.5  feet tall and wide

Bend and snap! Add colour to your garden with the gorgeous Caladium Fannie Munson!

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