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Lilium orientalis 'Stargazer'
Blooming white Lily with green leaves
White Lily buds with green leaves
White Lily buds with green leaves
White Lily buds in a beige basket

Lily 'Stargazer' White

Lilium orientalis 'Stargazer'

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The Lily ‘Stargazer’ White will make any space of your home just breathtaking! It can be grown in your outdoor or indoor garden.

This sun-loving plant has large flowers with petals that curl back at the tips and it smells incredible!

Growing pot size: 13cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 25 - 35 cm

Key Benefits — Calm and Confidence 

Lilies are regularly used in aromatherapy for those suffering from stress and anxiety to alleviating the symptoms. They are also a great help increase emotional spirits and self-confidence. 

Plant Care Tips: Lily 'Stargazer' White

  • The Lilies ‘Stargazer’ White will love a sunny area, the brighter the better
  • As an outdoor plant, it needs a bit of space, it doesn’t appreciate the shade from other plants. 
  • Let the soil dry to the touch between waterings do not overwater or it may grow root rot. 
  • Warmer temperatures are preferred but the plant is resistant to cooler climates providing it has the correct soil conditions. 
  • Feed every few weeks during the growing season before watering it fully. 

The Lily ‘Stargazer’ Story

Often confused with ‘Rubrum’ Lilies which have flowers pointing to the ground.

California Lilies breeder Leslie Woodriff wanted the flowers to grow upwards, he then created the Stargazer in 1974 which received its name because the blooms faced towards the sky. 

Where is it from?

It’s a Hybrid of Eastern Asian plants. 

Who is the Lily Stargazer?

  • Also known as Oriental Lily
  • Stargazers are perennials, leave them to die back in winter, and they will flourish for many more years.


Lilies carry many meanings depending on the variety but the most common is purity and fertility.

White lilies are frequently chosen for weddings due to their symbol of commitment and rebirth. 

A great gift for that special person in your life! 

Good For You!

  • Fragrance: Lilies are often used in aromatherapy to help calm the spirit and relax. 
  • Sleep: Because of its relaxing and soothing properties, the Stargazer promotes restful sleep. 

Is The ‘Lily Stargazer’ The Right Plant For Me?

New plant parents may get a little intimidated by its sophisticated looks but the Stargazer is not a fussy plant! It just needs a little time to establish itself and the correct conditions to thrive in any home!

You may want to wear an old t-shirt or an apron when handling it as the Lilies stems can stain. Nothing to worry about though, they are easily removed by laying your clothes in the sun - we’ve experienced this ourselves! 

They may arrive at their new home as buds (as pictured) but will bloom quickly revealing amazing flowers!

Be careful when handling it as Lily’s stamens can cause stains. These are easily removed by laying your clothing in the sun.

How tall does it grow? As an outdoor Lily, it can grow up to 36 inches tall and 14 inches wide with 2 to 8 flowers per stem. They are a little more compact indoors but just as pretty! 

Pets: Keep away from your furry friends and curious children

*Decorative pots sold separately

A classic plant that will elevate your mood and beautify your home! Get your Lily ‘Stargazer’ White today! 

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