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Boost: Continuous Interaction, Diversity and Density

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Although living with plants brings passive benefits, developing an active relationship with plants is where the most acute benefits are seen. We're hardwired to care for living things. We think of this drive as being satisfied with raising children and looking after pets, but more and more people are reaping the rewards of caring for plants. 

Consistently engaging with plants can shift our attitude and outlook in subtle but powerful ways. Plant care is a manageable task with clear, tangible results (ie. plant growth!). Seeing the direct effects of caring for a living thing can make us feel more in control of our lives - what psychologists call ‘self-mastery’ - and encourage us to be gentle with ourselves.

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Active engagement can include anything from dusting your plant’s foliage, to closely monitoring its growth, to repotting it in nutrient-rich soil. As caring for plants becomes habitual, the process can become a place of refuge like finding a routine with yoga, meditation or, perhaps, even a therapist. As these positive interactions mount, and the care we give increases, we may form more attuned relationships with ourselves, others and our surroundings.

Diversity and density 

In evolutionary terms, biodiversity is a sign that an area is healthy and habitable. Even though most of these plants aren't for eating, they indicate that there's a bountiful ecosystem in place and we’re sent the same positive, feel-good signals as our ancestors would have been. 

Research on the relationship between plants and stress reduction also shows that more is ... more when it comes to plants and wellbeing benefits - a convenient way of justifying your houseplant addiction!

Boost plants

Under boost you’ll find plant bundles to help you create a rich and diverse collection quickly,

Our bundles are a surprise assortment of plants under a theme - eg. ‘hanging’ or ‘pet-friendly.’ 

You’ll also find plants that require that little bit of extra care. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to be an expert, or that they’ll take up all that much of your time. Instead, it’ll give you the opportunity to interact with your plants, and perhaps even develop a ritual around plant care. 

Take a look at Boost today - we’re always sourcing new plants so if there’s nothing you like at the moment, make sure to check back soon. But if you have your eye on something, make sure you get it before it’s too late!

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