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Helping Your Garden Cope In Hot Weather

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Surviving the heat in your garden

We have had a heatwave in the UK recently, and as usual, we weren't quite prepared. It was mopped brows and melted ice creams all round!

When it comes to your garden, the heat can often be the kiss of death...however, I can advise you on how to care for your garden during such heatwaves, and how to plan ahead and fill your space with heat and drought tolerant plants...

Your watering guide for hot weather:

Water less often and deeper: Make sure the water you give your plant reaches 8 to 10 inches deep, this will create a bit of a ‘well’ for your plant to draw from. Count to 10 as you water to make sure you really get down deep!

Hand watering is best: It seems obvious, but watering with a sprinkling device or spray hose doesn’t really ensure the water goes where it needs to! Make the most of every drop by hand watering directly onto the surface around your plants.

Mulch your plants to converse moisture: Surround your plants with a layer of bark chips after watering, in order to keep the moisture locked in. This will also stop weeds coming through too. Handy huh?

Water at the right time of day: Watering during the middle of the day isn’t very efficient, as the moisture will evaporate pretty quickly! Ideally, water as early or late in the day as you can.

The Best Plants For Summer

1. Your best choice for bedding: Zinnias

These Californian natives are fuss-free once established, and will flower their hearts out all summer, producing s tapestry of colours. A wise choice for ground cover in dry, sunny beds. They’ll be at their best when temperatures are sweltering, just what we need.

2. Your best choice for containers: Pelargoniums

Loving their native Mediterranean climate, the Pelargonium (Geranium) isn’t at all shy when it comes to colour and impact! A tough cookie for containers, especially if you’re someone that often goes away for the weekend.

3. Best choice for borders: Lavender

The warmer the weather and the drier the soil, the more fragrant Lavender becomes! Another Mediterranean native, cut a few sprigs to help you get a restful night’s sleep through the warmer weather too.

4. Best choice of shrub: Buddleja

The Butterfly Bush is used to inhospitable situations, as you can see on the railways and abandoned car parks of the UK! However, don’t be put off by that, there are some lovely new colours for your garden, and shorter varieties too. A butterfly magnet as well.

5. Best choice of tree: Ginkgo

The Maidenhair Tree is a classic, and actually tolerates drier soils better than most trees. It’s also quite slow-growing too, so ideal for smaller spaces. The foliage is uniquely shaped, and turns a luscious autumn colour too!


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