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How Did This Stock Photo Crack the Superbowl?

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Publisher: Bloombox Club
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We expect Superbowl commercials to feature action stars, supermodels and maybe a Kardashian. 

So how did this year’s star of the Superbowl end up being a stock photo of an egg?

The half-time show at the Superbowl is the biggest ad event of the year in the US, with thirty seconds of air time costing $5.25 million.

This year saw Burger King repurpose a video piece from Andy Warhol, in which the pop artist slowly munches through a Whopper, showing neither enthusiasm nor distaste. Burger King’s low-key ad, with minimal intervention from the fast food giant, is itself atypical. But it makes a whole lot more sense than a crudely animated egg ...

What’s the Egg All About?

The world-famous egg made its name on Instagram, where it now holds the record for most ‘liked’ photo, surpassing previous record-holder Kylie Jenner.


The Instagram account has posted a mere six photos, over the course of which it has garnered a following that is 10million strong and 52.3million likes on a single photo.

It has now been revealed that UK creative Chris Godfrey is behind the venture. But it was Hulu, the US-based streaming service, that helped bring Record Egg to life.

The online community watched with bated breath to find out what would lie behind – or inside – the mysterious egg.

Rather than cash in on the egg’s success and seek sponsorship from hefty brands, the Record Egg teamed up with Mental Health America to share an important message about mental health. The Superbowl commercial’s text reads:      

‘I’m the World Record Egg
Recently I’ve Started to Crack
The Pressure of Social Media is Getting to Me
If You’re Struggling Too
Talk to Someone
We Got This’

Some have rolled their eyes at the Record Egg campaign. But we think that the message is an important one, regardless of how it’s been packaged.

Bloombox Club itself was founded on a mission to spread the value of plant-life to our health and wellbeing. So, we say: well done Record Egg. We’ll stay tuned to see what you get up to next. 


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