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How to Harvest Your Own Aloe Gel

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Publisher: Bloombox Club
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You’ve probably purchased pre-packaged aloe gel or used an aloe-rich cosmetic product, but have you ever grown your own?

Aloe gel is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and choc-full of healthy enzymes that can enrich your skin and soothe angry complexions. It’s also nature’s after-sun, which you might need now the sun has finally reared its head!

Harvesting aloe gel is super easy and a great way to wind down. We promise you'll never want to buy the shop-bought stuff again. 


  • Take a pair of sharp gardening shears (scissors will do) and cut off a frond about 12cm down from the tip (it should grow a protective layer where its been cut to preserve itself).
  • Carefully slice the frond in half lengthwise, so you have maximum access to the inner gel.

For a quick-fix balm:

  • Apply the gel directly to your face, wet side down (think ready-made applicator).

Or, to make a natural face mask:

  • Take a spoon and scoop the gel out and into a small mixing bowl.
  • Add one teaspoon of good quality honey.
  • Mix the contents together until smooth.
  • Store in a sealed contained and keep refrigerated.

For best results, use within 1 week.


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