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Living Christmas Trees

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Publisher: Bloombox Club
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After our beautiful pines have delighted us in December, they're destined for the scrap heap, needle-less and browning.

The UK discards between 6 and 7 million Christmas trees a year, according to the BCTGA. Once these pines have served their purpose, they’re thrown on landfill piles where they emit approximately 100,000 of tons worth of greenhouse gasses.

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While there are more eco-friendly ways to dispose of trees, if you're looking for new ways to cut down on waste this year, why not buy a living potted tree that will continue to grow after Christmas. They can be kept inside as a houseplant or placed in a sheltered area of your garden. 

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Our tallest classic Christmas trees are just shy of 1m tall, but with a year of nurturing, they could be pretty impressive by next December!

Choose between neat conical pines, rustic wide-spaced spruces and smaller trees that can brighten up a desk or mantlepiece.  

View our full range of Christmassy plants via the link below. 


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