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Christmas Trees | Real, Potted and Living Trees

Christmas Trees | Real, Potted and Living Trees

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Our 2022 Sustainable & Magic Christmas Tree Collection has for you: Specially picked Living Trees by our experts, Magical Tree Bundles in Natural Fibre Baskets for a complete decoration, little Trees and Terrariums to be sent as gifts, durable non-plastic Fairy lights and more to make your Christmas decor the Most Magical and Natural so far! Make this a new stage in your Celebration of Life and Creation of Green Holiday Memories.

Say No to 6 million Christmas Trees that are thrown away Every Single Year in the UK - Help reduce this number and get your Pot-grown Trees to gift your Home Green Life and Merry Nature's Magic year after year!

Navigate this collection through specially picked Spruces and Pine Trees. If your Christmas looks bigger or a bit smaller this year, you will find a range of sizes to fit with your personal lifestyle and space. Choose your favourite! Read More

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Place your order today! We cannot guarantee that orders placed after Friday 16th December will make it in time for Christmas! For last minute gifts, send your loved one's digital Gift Vouchers or Gift Subscription Cards