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Our Favourite Festive Plants

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The holidays are an excellent excuse to get some festive greenery in the home. 

The classics are pretty hard to go wrong with. Who doesn't love Holly, with shiny green leaves and red berries, all prickly and...ok, so yes, it's somewhat spiky but it LOOKS amazing. Just lay off the caressing and all's well. 

Festive Plants

Another firm favourite of course is mistletoe - pale green leaves and delicate silvery berries. If you like to live in romantic movie land, you would hang some above the door for when handsome callers come knocking, but in reality, unless you want to get propositioned by the postman, it looks great on a shelf or mantle piece. Keep it out of the reach of anyone who might eat it though, that would not be good...!

Festive Plants

Even though they seem a bit...well...old fashioned (*cough* boring *cough*), there's a lot of nostalgia in the office for the Christmas shoe in, Poinsettia. With bright red flowers and lovely green berries and flowers, you can't really get more festive (they also aren't nearly as toxic to pets as it's often made out, but it's probably best to avoid snacking on them)

Festive Plants

You don't have to stick with traditional though, there are so many gorgeously coloured and vibrant plants that can bring some festive cheer into any home - our Christmas Begonia for example! The colours!

Festive Plants

Or if you go for a more subtle Christmas colour scheme, our Frosty Begonia is a very classy centrepiece - either way, down with the old boring Poinsettias, and up with the Begonias!

Festive Plants


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