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Quick Fire Plant Care: The Dangers of Overwatering

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Panic not plant parents, Bloombox Club is putting together a series of blogs that will help you provide the best for your green friends. We believe that plant care should be accessible to everyone, all you need are some basic tools and a little tenderness ...

Memories of outdoor plants dying on Summer holidays have made us overly cautious when it comes to watering. We think we're being vigilant when we give our plants a drink, and it's the first thing we do if our plant isn't looking quite right. 

In fact, overwatering is one of the most common causes for ill-health in indoor plants. Damp soil can be a breeding ground for disease; it can lead to root-rot and effectively drown your plant. 

Confusingly, symptoms of overwatering and underwatering overlap (such as browning leaves and wilting) but if you follow the steps that we've outlined below, you should be able to judge where any problems lie. 


Steps to Prevent Overwatering 

  1. First of all, head to our plant care hub and find out how much water your specimen should be getting. 
  2. Regularly test the dampness of your soil by gently inserting a finger into the pot. Your plant may like moist soil, totally dry soil, or partially dry. Don’t be scared of getting your hands dirty – research indicates that being in touch with soil makes us feel good!

  3. Put a layer of pebbles on top or between the growing pot and your ceramic pot to draw away excess water. 
  4. Ensure that your plant is in well-draining soil (unless directed otherwise). 

  5. Keep your plant in its growing pot (the plastic pot with holes in) inside your ceramic pot. When it’s time to give them a drink, remove your plant from its external pot and leave it on a saucer for 15 minutes, to prevent excess liquid from gathering at the base. 
  6. If your plant likes humidity or misting, pop it in the bathroom while you're having a hot shower, rather than watering it directly. 

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