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Short on Space? Transform Your Small Garden in 4 Short Steps

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Discover the best trees, shrubs and flowers for small gardens and find out how to arrange them

In the height of summer, any garden - big or small - is a blessing. But we don’t blame you for coveting wide-open lawns and sumptuous vegetable patches. Garden spaces comes at a premium in the UK, especially for those of us who live in cities.

If you are put-out about the size of your outdoor space, we’re here to shift your perspective: when it comes to gardens it’s not about how big yours is, it’s about what you do with it! 

Go long and lean with potted trees

Just because you’re short on floor space doesn’t mean you can’t accommodate larger plants. Get yourself a potted orange tree, olive tree or even an elegant lemon tree and embrace upward growth!

You’ll get all the satisfaction of having a plant that produces fruit, without needing to invest in raised beds or a larger crop of land. 

orange tree

Get creative with hanging plants

Maybe you want to keep the majority of your outdoor area free for chairs and tables so you can sit out and enjoy the sun (when it comes …). If that's you then why not try plants in hanging baskets, like our gorgeous hanging Bellflowers?

These flowers grow well across the UK, during their extended growing season (longer than the majority of British wildflowers) but they’re actually from the Alps! They come in a variety of colours, so you can mix and match them.

campanula bundle

Lacking in light? These are the best plants for shady gardens

If your garden patch is overshadowed by neighbours’ towering trees (or neighbours in tower blocks, for that matter) you might have thought growing anything was off the table, but that’s not so! Lots of outdoor potted plants are actually happiest in a bit of shade.

One of our favourite shade-tolerant plants is the Tea Plant. It prefers balmy temperatures, but should do well in a partially covered, protected are too!


tea plant

Use walls, balconies and ledges

Maximise space by making use of your garden wall, window ledge, or - if you’re lucky enough to have one - your balcony. Our balcony boxes are made out of fully recycled plastic, and come in a neutral matte textures that will allow your new greenery to shine without taking up too much space.


balcony box

If you want to find more plants for your outdoor space, check out our Garden Plants collection!

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