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Subscriber of the Month | June

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Publisher: Bloombox Club
Bloombox Club


Congratulations to Charlotte (@charlotteflorencehome), our subscriber of the month for June!
Every month, Bloombox Club looks back at the previous month's batch of subscription plants in their new homes and picks our favourite. It's no easy task as we love to see all our subscribers enjoying their plants - and after all, we believe plant care is more than just home decor. 
This month we pulled Charlotte's lovely interiors shot of her Calathea Vittata, May's Classic Subscription plant. This Calathea is a lesser known variety of the much-loved foliage plant. Due to erratic demand on growers thanks to Covid-19, Calatheas are currently quite hard to come by, so May subscribers should take extra care with these guys!

We asked Charlotte a few questions about her interest in plants, her self-care rituals, and why she chose Bloombox Club

What appealed to you about our subscriptions?

I honestly love the subscription, it is such a lovely surprise every three months. I feel its great value as not only do I get a lovely new plant, I also get a gorgeous new pot for it to go in. I feel that plans just bring the nature of the outdoors in, and provides my home with the calming serenity that I love. My plant package also comes with care advice and some information about my plant so I know exactly how to take care of it. Highly recommend Bloombox Club.

Do you have any special self-care rituals?

My self care rituals include long walks on the weekend and a relaxing bath (with a glass of wine of course). I have to say I have turned to zoom yoga with some friends during this lockdown period which I have found has helps so much with anxiety and stress. Everyone should try yoga!

Do you have a favourite plant?

My favourite plant has to be the Calathea Zebrina, I just love the pattern and the deep green colour on the leaves - they are beautiful! 
Keep spreading the plant joy and be sure to tag @bloomboxclub when you post - it makes us very proud to see our plants in your homes!

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