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The Green Room

From plant care tips and videos to wellbeing articles, our blog is full of bitesize information that will help you take care of plants - and of yourself

21st Century Feng Shui And Plants That Bring You Wealth
The premise of Feng Shui (that we, and everything around us, is invested with energy) might sound out-there, but even the most cynical of us have inexplicable feelings about the places we inhabit. And as a philosophy that has been used for more millennia, surely Feng Shui has something to teach us. 
Breath: Plants For Air-Purification And Physical Health

Breathe plants work on your physical health. They're pro-air purifiers and humidifiers, which is good news for your skin, lungs and immune system. 


What is Skin Pollution?
Friends of Bloombox Club Up Circle are a sustainable skin care brand who know a thing or two about skin care and the environment!  Words by Up Cir...
Does Britain need a 'National Nature Service'?
Guest blog by Annabelle Fuller  The government must act now if it is to save British landscapes, wildlife, and natural habitats, warns a country-wi...
What is Greenwashing?
In 1986 environmentalist Jay Westerveld coined the term 'greenwashing,' in an expose of American companies with questionable sustainability ethics....
Take Care of Nature and Nature Will Take Care of You
In recent weeks, you’ve probably seen images of woodland trails, parks and areas of natural beauty, strewn with litter, circulating around the int...
What to Expect From a UK Staycation
Covid-19 has caused untold disruption, and summer plans are no exception. With fights, hotels and package holidays cancelled, and travel bans in f...
The Truth About Sustainability and Houseplants
For the majority of UK vendors, guaranteeing the sustainability of all plants is unlikely, if not quite impossible. So, if a plant seller insists on their environmental credentials across the board, take it with a pinch of salt ... 
Cut down on Christmas waste and buy a living tree
As the impact of one of our most treasured Christmas traditions becomes apparent, some have turned to fake trees as a more sustainable choice, but neither of these options hold water.
Plant Hunting Bloombox Club Style
Every few months we venture to the world’s most exciting hub of plant cultivation and meet new growers, experts and people who are just as passionate about plants as we are.
What Makes the Vanilla Orchid Special?
Around 80% of the world's of Vanilla is grown in Madagscar, as it has just the right climate pattern to meet the plant's specific demands. When the country was struck by extreme weather last year, it resulted in the demise of huge swathes of the precious crop.
Meet Pete, the plant who can use a camera
Breaking news in the plant world: Pete, a maidenhair fern at London Zoo, has been named the first plant to take a selfie! Seriously, let us explain ...