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The Green Room

From plant care tips and videos to wellbeing articles, our blog is full of bitesize information that will help you take care of plants - and of yourself

Indoor Plant Care: 9 Common Houseplant Mistakes To Avoid
In recent years, the indoor plant revolution has swept over the nation. It was accelerated hugely over lockdown. Stuck indoors, we took to ways of ...
15+ Philodendron Varieties You Need To Add To Your Indoor Garden
Is your indoor garden missing that dramatic edge? It’s probably missing a Philodendron. Here’s everything you need to know! Choosing a plant can be...
12 Easy-Going Plants That Won't Require Re-Potting Every Year
We know that plant care can be a bit time-consuming at the best of times. If you lead a particularly busy lifestyle, you might be avoiding buying n...
Short on Space? Transform Your Small Garden in 4 Short Steps
Discover the best trees, shrubs and flowers for small gardens and find out how to arrange themIn the height of summer, any garden - big or small - ...
5 Reasons Your Plants Aren't Growing
In this blog we look at reasons that plants are not growing, covering common issues such as plant disease, pests and consequently - a plant's stunt...
A Failsafe Guide to Repotting Plants
Spring is the perfect time to repot your houseplants. Though they live in doors, houseplants still respond to seasonal changes. 
Best Houseplants for Your Skin
Our skin. The largest organ of our body. It keeps us warm, allows us to experience touch, protects us from external dangers, and, most importantly,...
Watering 101 with Mama Botanica
Are you sure you're watering your plants correctly? Water is one of your plant's main sources of nutrients, get it right and your plant collection ...
How to Germinate Plants from Seeds
Peel your eyes away from the screen and get your hands into the soil! This guide will teach you how to germinate almost any seed, pit or bean - fro...
How to Find Pots that Fit Your Plants
Matching plants to pots really shouldn't be hard! In an ideal world, growing pot sizes would be standardized and all potters, ceramicists and manuf...
Re-potting Myths Busted

Before you upend your green friends, make sure you read our re-potting myth debunking.  

In focus: The Zebra Plant | Aphelandra squarrosa dania
Meet the Zebra Plant, a brightly patterned foliage plant, hailing from the rainforests of South America. The Zebra Plant gets its common name from ...