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The Green Room

From plant care tips and videos to wellbeing articles, our blog is full of bitesize information that will help you take care of plants - and of yourself

21st Century Feng Shui And Plants That Bring You Wealth
The premise of Feng Shui (that we, and everything around us, is invested with energy) might sound out-there, but even the most cynical of us have inexplicable feelings about the places we inhabit. And as a philosophy that has been used for more millennia, surely Feng Shui has something to teach us. 
3 Ways To Combat Overthinking
Stuck in your head? Unable to switch off and relax after a long day? It's a familiar feeling for most, especially after the past couple of years, w...
How You Can Open Yourself Up To Nature
The theme for this years Mental Health Awareness Week is a topic close to our hearts; nature and mental health. According to The Mental Health fou...
How to Propagate Indoor Plants
Most plants can be propagated, but certain varieties might be trickier than others. Giving it a go poses little risk to your older plant (which might like a prune anyway) and it’s a nice, calming way to spend half an hour, so we recommend giving it a go!
Forest Bathing Explained: Benefits, Research, How to Do It
At its core, forest bathing entails immersing yourself in nature and consciously engaging with elements of the natural landscape. It can be as simple as spending time with nature and absorbing the atmosphere of the forest, and as complex as an expertly-led series of activities by a forest bathing practitioner.