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The Green Room

From plant care tips and videos to wellbeing articles, our blog is full of bitesize information that will help you take care of plants - and of yourself

A Failsafe Guide to Repotting Plants
Spring is the perfect time to repot your houseplants. Though they live in doors, houseplants still respond to seasonal changes. 
How to Divide Potted Plants & Plant Pups
We share our step-by-step guide on plant propagation to help you divide your potted plants successfully. Let us tell you everything there is to kno...
How to Keep Your Houseplants Alive in Winter
Although the Winter Solstice has been and gone and your Christmas decks are (probably) stowed away, the coldest weeks of winter may still be ahead ...
Indoor Plants & Light with Mama Botanica
Light is an essential source of energy for plants. Without sunlight, your plant won't survive for long, but too much can cause your plant's leaves ...
Watering 101 with Mama Botanica
Are you sure you're watering your plants correctly? Water is one of your plant's main sources of nutrients, get it right and your plant collection ...
How to Germinate Plants from Seeds
Peel your eyes away from the screen and get your hands into the soil! This guide will teach you how to germinate almost any seed, pit or bean - fro...
How to Propagate Indoor Plants
Most plants can be propagated, but certain varieties might be trickier than others. Giving it a go poses little risk to your older plant (which might like a prune anyway) and it’s a nice, calming way to spend half an hour, so we recommend giving it a go!
Swiss Cheese Plant : The Ultimate Care & Benefit Guide
The Swiss Cheese Plant also known as the Monstera deliciosa has been at the forefront of the houseplant resurgence, with homes across the UK adopti...
Everything you need to know about Sansevierias
The Sansevieria genus is wide-ranging, but each variety is known for its hardiness. Although most succulents are drought tolerant, not all of them adapt well to indoor environments.
5 Plants to Help You Master Self-Care
Plants need no justification to be fed, watered or tidied up. We help plants grow because they're living things; not because they are more or less deserving of care. Applying this conceit to ourselves is an essential step on the journey to mastering self-care. 
Re-potting Myths Busted

Before you upend your green friends, make sure you read our re-potting myth debunking.  

Essential Autumn Plant Care
It is officially cold, the clocks are soon to go back, and you know at least one person who has started their Christmas shopping. Whether you’re in total denial or revelling in knitwear and glasses of red wine, now’s the time to start preparing your plants for cooler weather.