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The Green Room

From plant care tips and videos to wellbeing articles, our blog is full of bitesize information that will help you take care of plants - and of yourself

Self-Care Tips for Parents
Putting yourself first is simple if you don't have caring responsibilities. But we ALL need to look after ourselves too, and we're here to help you do that!
6 Unusual Plants to Liven Up Your Zoom Background
If you'd told us last January that we'd spend most of the upcoming year at home,  we wouldn't have believed you. With a bit of hope and a lot of he...
Mental Shifts Need Environmental Shifts
There’s a reason rehab facilities take residents out of their daily routines and into a completely new environment. When it comes to behavioural ch...
Winter Lockdown? Choose the Path of Least Resistance
If the next four weeks seem like a battle to be won, we invite you to rearrange your thinking and choose the path of least resistance. 
How to Manage Coronavirus Burnout
‘How can you be burnt out when you’ve barely left the house all year?’ The way some people talk about the pandemic make it sound like it’s been one...
Best Plants for Productivity, Concentration and Mood
The UK has amped up its plans to reduce the spread of coronavirus, with schools and offices across the country closing indefinitely, public transpo...
5 Restorative Plants for Focus and Tranquillity

Although all plants are restorative, some are more so than others, due to qualities such as colour, pattern distribution and texture. For example, studies have shown that fractal patterns have a marked influence on participants’ ability to focus on a task. Here are 5 of the best plants to aid tranquillity and calm. 

How Can Plants Improve Workplace Productivity?
The correlation between plants and productivity has a strong evidence base, but are we any closer to finding out why it exists?
Research Says Green Offices are More Productive
Researchers, designers and innovators are realising the benefits of 'greening' the work-space, with evidence from across the globe showing productivity levels to be boosted by plant-life. 
Battling Burnout Culture: Self-Care and Productivity
In a technological, globalised world, our working hours have stretched and mutated. What effect is this having on our health and wellbeing; and does more work necessarily mean greater productivity?