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Urban Gardening Ideas For Beginners

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Today I will explore the different sizes of space you may have available outside, and how you can fill them! Remember, no space doesn’t necessarily have to mean ‘no excuse’!

Window ledges.

All homes have a window (don’t they?!) so you will absolutely have space for a window box! Depending on your style of window, this may or may not require the use of a drill! 

The big benefit of a window box is that any plants you grow there will almost feel like they’re indoors too! So, the waft of fragrant petunias will invade your lounge, or you can reach out your kitchen window to cut some fresh herbs for your summer cocktail!

Urban gardening bloombox


Unless your front door opens right out onto the street, you may have a space for some cute little plants on your doorstep. A Bloombox Outdoors Subscription means you could even change these containers seasonally, or keep it simple with 2 grand Bay Trees. Try to be theft-aware though, and perhaps loop a chain through the stem of the plant if you think the plants may go walkabouts..

A fragrant plant either side of the door could put your guests in a good mood before they even step over your threshold!

Urban gardening ideas bloombox

Up on high

Okay, now this part will definitely involve a drill! Hanging baskets are the perfect way to grow plants absolutely anywhere! You just need to fix up a bracket for your basket to hang from.

You can plant so many different things into baskets too, from annuals to shrubs and evergreen plants. Ensure more than one season of colour by planting a basket with a mix of Heuchera, Ivy and Pansies. It’s a timeless combo that needs minimum maintenance!

Terrace (or you know, those paving slabs round the back)

Cover those grey slabs with colour! Containers of all shapes and sizes can be used to stuff with plants, just make sure you use a good quality compost and water them well, even when it’s raining (rainfall seldom gets past the leafy canopy of a container!)

urban gardening ideas bloombox club

By growing plants in containers you can create your own patio or living garden jigsaw too - move your pots around so the display always looks 100% pristine and showy! 

You can choose your work input level here too. Annuals and bedding plants look great, but will need tending to, and replacing each season. However, shrubs and shorter varieties of perennial will look after themselves a little better, only needing a spa break once a year!

How are you brightening up your outside spaces? Don't forget to check out the BloomBox Club shop for lots of ideas!

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