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Your plant match is waiting

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Publisher: Bloombox Club
Bloombox Club


Sick of timewasters, ghosting and disappointment?

If dating apps are bringing you nothing but woe, maybe the one for you isn’t a person but a plant!

Introducing: the Bloombox Club Plant Buddy finder. Bringing you your perfect match with the swipe of a finger. 

Plants > People 

Plants won’t steal your favourite jumper, break your heart or send you unsolicited pics of their reproductive organs.

Unlike most dates, plants still be beautiful in the cold light of day; help build your confidence and lower your stress levels. Can the same be said for part-time-actor-with-goatee or girl-with-pink-hair-and-unicycle?

For more green; less mean, try our Plant Buddy finder. Swipe right on the plants you like and see who you match with by clicking on the plant icon.

Happy swiping!

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