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Croton Mammy

English name:

Croton Mammy

Latin name:

Codiaeum variegatum ‘Mammy'

About me:

I am one of the boldest houseplants around with multi-coloured foliage being my stand-out feature. I may reward you with flowers if kept in warm, bright conditions - but who needs flowers when you've got leaves like mine?

Useful to know:


I am native to Australia, Malaysia and the Pacific Islands.


Croton Mammy is one of the smaller varieties of Croton and will not exceed 1m in the home.


I like really bright indirect light, and preferably 4-5 hours of sunlight each day, otherwise my colours will fade.


Keep me moist but not sitting in water. You can mist me often.


I like a warm, humid environment.


Feed me with a low-nitrogen, slow-release fertiliser once in early spring and once again in summer.


You will need to clean my leaves often so that my colours can be appreciated.


When I get stressed I lose my leaves - if you've just brought me home, wait a few weeks to let me adjust. If I continue to lose my leaves, check that the air around me is not too dry and that I'm getting enough light.


I can make you sick if you eat me so best to keep me well away from pets and kids.


The oil of the Croton which was once used in herbal medicine as a violent purgative, is extracted from its seeds.

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