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Office & Desk Plants

Want to level up your office vibe? It’s plant time! Whether it’s a small cactus, or a giant cheese plant, office plants are the easiest way to transform your office from a work space to a great space to work! Plants are always the best choice for your office. Read More

Office & Desk Plants

The only problem? Poorly lit offices are not always the best place for your plant…that’s why picking a plant for your office needs to be done right! Check out our amazing collection of office and desk plants and find tips on how to pick the right plant in our FAQ section below.

The only problem? Poorly lit offices are not always the best place for your plant…that’s why picking a plant for your office needs to be done right! Check out our amazing collection of office and desk plants and find tips on how to pick the right plant in our FAQ section below.

Office Plants FAQ

What Are The Benefits Of Office Plants?

Office plants may improve productivity

Do you ever feel like you lose motivation when your workspace is drab and bare? Well, there’s science behind this. Studies have shown that employees working in offices that contain indoor plants can be up to 15% more productive than employees working in offices that don’t! This is because being able to engage with your surroundings helps you stay focused and plants in the office tick this box! 

Office plants can improve general health

Did you know that having plants in the office can actually reduce the amount of sick days employees take? No, we’re not kidding. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, plants are said to improve emotional well-being. Secondly, plants have air purifying qualities. This means that they can break down toxins in the air, creating a cleaner environment and potentially leading to fewer health problems! 

Office plants can help to reduce stress

Not only can indoor office plants reduce the amount of days spent off work, but they can also increase employees' well-being while at work! Studies have shown that interacting with plants helps to calm the nervous system and encourages healthy blood pressure levels. What does this mean? It means that a small desk plant can help lower our stress levels, and help us to feel calmer at work! 

Indoor office plants make great noise absorbers

Popping a few plants around the office can also have a calming effect noise-wise. This is because, unlike a lot of the hard materials that make up an office (like concrete and plastic), plants can absorb noise. So, if you are struggling to concentrate with all the office background chatter, some indoor office or desk plants might help to reduce this!

They look great!

More often than not, offices are dark dull spaces that have little character. Put a few of the right plants in the right places and they can quickly be transformed into leafy oases! Vibrant, green, and fresh plants bring new life to dull offices. The 2015 Human Spaces report suggests that new employees are more attracted to natural, plant-packed office spaces! Can you blame them? 

What Are The Best Office Plants? 

Nothing amps up the office vibes like a few desk plants. Then again, nothing kills the vibe more than when your plants wilt and die a few months later. And knowing that offices can often have the tendency to be less plant-friendly (with little natural light), this is a very real risk. 

This is why picking the best plants for your office desk is so important. Whether you want something that is leafy or leggy, tall or small, a desk topper or a showstopper, there are tons of office and desk plants that can thrive in your office. Here are some of our top picks…

Snake Plant

Snake plants are the perfect office plant. Why? Because they are compact but make a statement, and couldn’t be easier to care for. Snake plants, like this Laurentii Snake Plant, can thrive in low light conditions without frequent watering, and they are also unique for their air purifying qualities, making them the perfect desk plant! 

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is another extremely versatile plant that can thrive in a low-light office. As long as they are not left in direct sunlight, they should be fine. They are also great at accumulating dust on their thick glossy leaves. This dust can be easily wiped away, and helps keep the air clean!

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees are renowned for their ability to create Feng Shui, but did you know they can also make great office plants? With its ability to tolerate shade, the Ficus Ginseng Bonsai is the perfect office bonsai, and it only needs watering when the soil gets dry!

Dwarf Umbrella Tree

Want to make a statement? Try out the Dwarf Umbrella Tree for your office plant! This tall and decorative plant really catches the eye, and it has great air purifying qualities. While this plant likes a little more sunlight than others, as long as it is placed near a window, it should thrive in your office!

Lace Fern

A lace fern is a great way of bringing a softer touch to a hard office environment. With its fine, feathery leaves, it’s a great mood-boosting plant. Like the Dwarf Umbrella Tree, this plant enjoys a little more light, so try placing it in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight!

Golden Pothos

For another statement piece, why not try a Golden Pothos? Climbing up a tall moss pole, the bright green leaves of this pothos catch the eye and boast great air purifying qualities. This plant loves low-light conditions and can deal with a bit of neglect, making it another fantastic office plant option!

Fishbone Cactus

Looking for a small plant for your office desk? Why not try a cactus? The Fishbone Cactus is a great example of a great desk plant that requires little attention. Leave it a light spot and water it every now and again and it should thrive in your office space!

How to Care for Office Plants?

Pick the right plants for the right spots

When choosing a plant for your office, make sure you are choosing them with placement in mind. If you want to buy a plant for your desk but your desk is always in the shade, picking a hardy ZZ Plant instead of a Lace Fern is going to be the best idea. 

Communicate with your colleagues

When there’s a communal office plant, it is not always clear who is in charge of taking care of it. This can lead to everyone sloshing a glass of water on it each morning (aka overwatering), or, alternatively, your plant going 3 months without getting watered because everyone thought someone else would do it! This is why coming up with a communal game plan for your office plant is a great idea.

Don’t forget about it on your holidays!

Just because you go on holiday, doesn’t mean that your plant does too! Make sure to ask your colleague to water your plant if you are away, or take your desk plant home with you if you are going to be out of office for a while!

Do Desk Plants Need Sunlight? 

Like all plants, desk plants need sunlight to survive. However, depending on the species, some desk plants can survive and even thrive in low light conditions. This is what makes them great office plants, as offices often have low light.

Are Succulents Good Office Plants? 

Succulents make great office plants. Why? Because they don’t require too much care and attention. As long as they have enough sunlight, they should be fine. Take the Mistletoe Cactus, for example - it loves light, but it doesn’t mind being neglected for a little while!