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Terrarium Plants

Terrarium Plants

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Winter Cabin Terrarium Gift


About Terrariums

Terrariums are fantastically beautiful and interesting and provide a creative way to keep plants in your home. If you’re looking for a desktop companion, a contemporary way to liven up your home, or a fun project to do with the family – terrariums can be a great option.

Terrarium plants can fit into any aesthetic quite well. Going for that boho chic style or even an industrial feel? How about a modern yet comfy vibe? Terrarium plants can fit nicely into all those elements.

Terrariums are miniature gardens that are housed inside small – and usually sealable – containers like bottles and jars. They are fully functioning, very small plant ecosystems that are mostly self-sustaining.

They require little to no maintenance. The terrarium plants water themselves through transpiration and condensation, making them perfect additions to the home for those of us who are less comfortable with taking care of plants, or for those of us who travel often.

Benefits of Terrarium Plants

If you like fresh, green scenery but don’t have the greenest of green thumbs, you can get a terrarium plant! They’re quite easy to maintain and look absolutely beautiful. If you don’t have access to a garden or lack space, a terrarium plant can be a great alternative for you!

People often care for terrariums to de-stress, too! Maintaining your tiny terrarium plants can help you feel at peace and calm. It also allows you to be creative by fitting mini terrarium plants into a decorated enclosure. A little bit of grass here and a little bit of moss there? It’s like you’re landscaping!

Terrariums can also keep your plants alive all year round. If you’ve struggled to keep your green friends alive through the changing seasons, then terrarium plants can help you do that! Think of this as a perfect first step to the world of plant care. By the way, terrariums make excellent gifts, too! Beautiful and low-maintenance, terrariums can be given as housewarming gifts.

Terrarium Plant Care Tips

As we mentioned earlier, terrarium plants are usually encased in glass containers. That’s why they are fragile! That means you have to be extra careful when displaying them and keep them away from playful pets and grabby little kids!

Terrarium care also means checking on humidity levels - especially for enclosed terrarium plants in the UK. That’s because it’s the humidity that allows them to produce the required water for the mini terrarium plants to survive. So, it is preferred that you keep your terrariums in a spot where this temp can be achieved.

On the topic of temperature, high heat could cook your small terrarium plants. So, best to keep them away from bright direct light. Your terrarium plants can thrive in indirect light, which makes them ideal indoor plants! 

Big terrariums deserve their own sturdy space where they can showcase their beauty. Mini terrarium plants can be hung on the wall or anywhere really. They aren’t that high-maintenance so placing them in a rather inconvenient (but perfectly pretty) spot is an acceptable option. In fact, big terrariums deserve their own sturdy space where they can showcase their beauty! So place them in the prettiest spot in the house and let them do their thing.

More often than not Terrariums are airtight. There is nothing wrong with this, however, it does mean that they are more susceptible to mould as the soil can get too moist without fresh air to dry it. Taking the lid off and airing your terrarium for 24 hours per week is a great way to reduce this risk and to keep your terrarium from becoming over-moist!

Check Out Our Most Popular Terrarium Plants

Did you know that you can get terrarium plants online? Did you know that you can get them in the UK? Well, you can! We’ve got a couple worth mentioning and we think you’re going to love them.

While you can get indoor plants that are low-maintenance (like the Hydroponic Monkey Mask Monstera), sometimes nothing beats the look of a thriving terrarium plant!

The best part about these terrarium plants is that they are beginner-friendly. Plus, everything’s been thought out for you - all you have to do is assemble! 

Jungle Terrarium Plant DIY Kit

Think of this as your jungle in a jar! Our Jungle Terrarium kit comes with a Chinese money plant, peperomia picollo banda, and chlorophytum ocean (though this may change over time). This kit also comes with gravel, charcoal, compact soil and a cork lid to cover that 100% recycled glass jar.

This kit as well as the Rainforest Terrarium DIY Kit comes with optional lights. Let it provide a comfy ambience at night!

Rainforest Terrarium DIY Kit

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been rarin’ to travel the world. Since we couldn’t quite yet, we found comfort in taking care of this beautiful Rainforest Terrarium. Think of it as inspiration for travels to come! When the world opens up once more, now you can confidently trot the globe while this self-nourishing terrarium plant happily stays home.

The asparagus fern, sedum tornado, and fittonia are commonly found in this kit, but they may vary at times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Plants Can I Put Inside Terrariums?

You can put a wide range of plants inside terrariums! Ferns and carnivorous plants like venus flytraps and pitcher plants can thrive in closed terrariums.

Some succulents thrive in open terrariums. Cacti, jade plants, and aloe are great examples of this.

If succulents are what you’re looking for, we’ve got this lovely Succulent Terrarium Kit that covers all your bases. No need to spend days on research or trying to mix and match plants to go inside terrariums - all you need is right there!

Do Terrariums Need Sunlight?

Generally, all your terrarium needs is bright, indirect light. If you place your terrarium plants right where direct sunlight would be, that could heat up your terrarium enclosure and steam up your plants. 

With proper care and condition of the terrarium, your plants could live for about 10 years or more! Actually, some may even live indefinitely (in theory). 

My Terrarium Plants Are Growing Bigger Than My Terrarium. What Should I Do?

Terrarium plants could potentially outgrow their terrarium space at some point. You can go in and do some pruning if the plants allow for that. Just be careful and clean up after your trimming! If you’d like, you can also consider ‘repotting’ and make yourself an all-new terrarium space!

Should Terrariums Be Open or Closed?

It depends on the plants inside the terrarium or how they were built! While you might see a lot of enclosed terrarium plants for sale, you can actually get open and partially closed terrariums. Open terrariums need to be watered more often than closed terrariums, so if you tend to forget to water your plants, closed terrariums are the solution!

How Often Should I Water My Closed Terrarium?

Typically, you will need to water your closed terrarium every 3-4 weeks and open it every two weeks to reduce the moisture levels and to let it ventilate. Depending on what plants you have in your terrarium, some will be thirstier than others. A good way to monitor your terrariums drinking schedule is to check the condensation build-up on the glass. If you don't see any condensation on the glass and the soil is dry to the touch, make sure to top it up with a little water. After you water your thirsty little plants, keep the cork off so the container can ventilate and avoid getting mould.

Are Terrariums Difficult To Care For?

Generally speaking, terrariums are low-maintenance and require much less care than your typical houseplant. Once you’ve got your terrarium plants all set up right, they have the potential to be small, self-sustaining ecosystems that need very little intervening. You will need to monitor their moisture levels, but as long as you take all the steps we mentioned above you're good to go!