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Round glass terrarium with plants
Terrarium steps video
Round glass terrarium with plants , bags of soil and pebbles and cork lid on the side
Jungle Terrarium | Your miniature jungle

Jungle Terrarium

Your miniature jungle

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Our Terrarium is a great way of creating your own miniature jungle without leaving your home! 

Terrariums have become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially with those that don’t have too much space.

Our Terrarium acts like a ‘mini-greenhouse', a small, enclosed environment for plants. Together with the soil, the plants expel vapour, recycling the water. The condensation is collected onto the walls of the terrarium and flows down to the soil. 

Terrariums are self-nourishing and require little maintenance.  

Choose from two options

With Light: A little light with a switcher attached to the cork lid to illuminate your terrarium and add a touch of magic to your room at night.

No Light: If you prefer just the natural light, you have that option too! 

The plants

*The terrarium will typically include these plants, but they may vary.

  • Chinese Money Plant
  • Peperomia Picollo Banda
  • Chlorophytum Ocean.

Glass and accessories

The glass jar is made of 100% recycled glass. You’ll also receive a cork lid, gravel, charcoal and compact soil to create the perfect mini jungle. 

Terrarium size

Width: 24cm  

Height: 28cm

How to create your mini jungle

  1. Gravel: Pour in the white gravel as evenly as possible to create the drainage layer for your terrarium. 
  2. Active Charcoal: Next up is the charcoal layer. This will protect your plants from mould.
  3. Soil:  This is the fun bit! Find a large mixing bowl and add your disk of soil, along with 500ml of warm water. Watch as the soil expands (around 15 minutes) and then add to your terrarium. 
  4. Plants: Now for the piece de resistance. Remove your plants from their growing pots and create little wells in the soil to finish off your miniature jungle.

Key Benefits — Boost and Educate

We are firm believers that looking after living beings improves the way we look after ourselves and as a consequence better our mental health. Closely observing the development and caring for a terrarium can naturally promote our own self-care. 

In addition, building a terrarium is a great activity to do with kids and a fun way of teaching them how an ecosystem works.  

Care Tips: Terrarium

Because they are self-nourishing, they require little effort. 

  • Check the soil before watering, if it feels very dry, it needs a little hydration. You will likely only need to water it every few weeks.
  • It will appreciate bright indirect light which can be complemented with artificial light. 
  • If the plants are growing tall, you can trim the leaves to keep their size.
  • Remove any yellow and brown leaves to prevent diseases. 

The Terrarium Story

English doctor and Botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward was intrigued by insect behaviour. During one of his experiments, in 1842 he, by mistake, left a jar unsupervised. A fern spore grew, germinated into a plant and the first terrarium was born! 

Is The Terrarium The Right One For Me?

A great gift for anyone (including yourself!) This terrarium will look stylish in any home. Easy to care for and no big spaces required. 

Start your jungle journey and get your terrarium now!