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Father's Day

Dads are the best! But sometimes it can feel impossible to figure out what they’d love to receive. But here’s a tip: plants are universal gifts! So relax kids, we got you covered!
Whether they’re pros or clueless about greens, we have all kinds to match your dad’s expertise. We even have “lucky plants” to wish Pops fortune and longevity. Whatever you decide to send, we’ll make sure they’re delivered in time for Father’s Day.

Father's Day Gifts

Candelabra Cactus
from  £39.99Sold out
2 reviews
Alocasia Lauterbachiana | Elephant Ear LauterbachianaAlocasia Lauterbachiana | Elephant Ear Lauterbachiana
Alocasia Lauterbachiana
1 review
Ash Pot Ø 10.3cmAsh Pot Ø 10.3cm
Ash Pot Ø 10.3cm
Snake Plant Laurentii &  Jimmy Pot
Snake Plant Laurentii & Jimmy Pot
£32.40 £36.00
Elephant Ear 'Giant Taro'
1 review
Philodendron 'Imperial Red' & Sandstorm PotPhilodendron Imperial Red Leaves
3 Piece Garden Tool Set | Trowel, Hand Rake Fork and GlovesMetal gardening tools with wood handles
3 Piece Garden Tool Set
Pineapple 'Champaca' | Ananas comosus 'Champaca'Pineapple 'Champaca' | Ananas comosus 'Champaca'
Pineapple 'Champaca'
Aralia Fabian & Stitch PotAralia Fabian & Stitch Pot
Aralia Fabian & Stitch Pot
£41.60 £46.00
Gardening Gloves
Gardening Gloves
1 review
ZZ Plant | Zamioculcas Zamiifolia 17cm Large
ZZ Plant
Bengal Basket Black Ø 16cm
Bengal Basket Black Ø 16cm

Are plants a good Father's Day gift?

Definitely! Dads will surely appreciate a refreshing gift on Father’s Day. It would be a cool reminder of them taking care of you when you were little, although maybe the green, leafy variety would be less fussy. Kidding!

What are some good plants to gift for Fathers Day?

Make it easy for Pops! We recommend a plant that will stay alive even if they forget to water it. Older folks tend to be more sensitive to pollen, so maybe go for less fragrant variants. One with their favorite color or a fruit-bearing plant is always welcome.

How to send plants as gifts to your Dad?

We made it easy to send gifts. Just choose any plant on the site, enter the delivery address, and we’ll send it for you. You can also update our courier through the Hermes app.

How can we help deliver your plants safely?

Bloombox makes it a point to deliver your plants in secure packaging so they arrive perky and healthy. You’ll be notified of estimated delivery dates, but no need to wait at home. Our couriers will leave the plant in a safe spot, ready to welcome you when you get home.