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Close up of the Jungle Vine silvery green leaves
The Jungle Vine in a pot with hanger
The jungle vine in a white square pot
Close up of the Jungle Vine's silvery green leaves
The jungle vine shot from above

Jungle Vine

Parthenocissus amazonica

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The Jungle Vine is a rare hanging houseplant that can be left to trail elegantly over bookshelves or climb at your will. The surface of their lean, pointed leaves has a silvery glow with striking white veins, while the undersides are a light, burgundy colour.

Comes with its own detachable hanger, so you can pop it straight up overhead and let your home breathe!

Alternatively, it's very easy to unclip the hanger and pop it in a pot or basket, where it can sit on a shelf, desk or mantlepiece. Just make sure to pick a pot or basket that can accommodate the wide overhanging lip of the growing pot.

Growing pot dimensions: 15cm diameter, 13cm depth.

Key Benefits — Improve your home’s air quality with this wonderful Amazonian plant!  

As part of its photosynthesis, the Jungle Vine removes Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases the fresh oxygen that you breathe!

Tropical plants are perfect natural humidifiers, they transpire the water that they consume and humidify the air, helping relieve symptoms of breathing problems and skin sensitivities. 

Plant Care Tips: Jungle Vine

  • This plant prefers a well-lit position away from direct sunlight.
  • A native of tropical jungles, the Jungle Vine loves warmer temperatures (ideally above 15ºC) and humidity, so mist it semi-regularly with a mister or spray bottle.
  • During the growing season, it will need more regular watering, letting the soil dry before repeating the process. 
  • In the Spring and Summer, feed it with a half diluted balanced fertiliser twice a month.

The Jungle Vine Story

Also known as the Amazon Jungle Vine

Where is it from?

Native to the Amazonian jungles of Brazil.

Who is the Jungle Vine?

  • Parthenocissus are part of the Vitaceae family, the same group as the grapes! 
  • The name ‘Parthenocissus‘ comes from the Greek parthenos meaning ‘virgin’ and kissos meaning ‘ivy’. This is because they can form seeds without pollination. 
  • They can also be grown outdoors during the warmer months. 

Good For You!

  • Perspective: Looking after living plants helps you feel embedded in the greater ecosystem and gives you a sense of perspective
  • Compassion: As you nurture your Jungle vine you become more aware of your surroundings and how you care for people and your own-self.

Is The Jungle Vine The Right Plant For Me?

A unique plant that works beautifully dangling from above. So, if you are running out of surface space due to your ever-growing plant collection, this one is the perfect hanging plant! 

You can adjust the growth by trimming the longer vines. 

Toxicity: Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children 

How tall does it grow? They're fast-growing, with the leaves alone reaching lengths of 7 to 15cm in their prime.

*Decorative pots sold separately 


A beautiful trailing plant that will bring the Amazonian jungle to your home!