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Velvet Calathea detail with burgundy and green leaves in a beige basket
Velvet Calathea in a light beige basket
Velvet Calathea's leaves shot from above
Velvet Calathea in a blue green pot
The Velvet calathea fractal dark green leaves
Velvet Calathea in a black and beige basket
Close up of the green and burgundy Velvet Calathea

Velvet Calathea

Calathea warscewiczii

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The Velvet Leaf Calathea is wonderfully tactile, with dark, sultry foliage that is eminently strokable. The top of each leaf is deep green, with bright green markings, while each underside is a rich purple. 

If you're interested in using plants to make your home environment more compatible with your innate needs, the Velvet Leaf is a solid all-rounder. 

The Calathea Velvet likes indirect light, warmth and humidity (which can be replicated through misting).

Available in 2 sizes


Growing pot size: 19cm diameter.

Overall plant height including the growing pot: 70-80cm.

Extra Large

Growing pot size: 27cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 80-90cm.

Key Benefits of Calathea warscewiczii — Relax and focus! 

Humans are hardwired to respond positively to particular forms, colours and patterns in nature, as these would have signalled an abundant landscape in prehistoric times. With its distinct, fractal pattern, vibrant green colouring, texture, and propensity to open and close its leaves, the Velvet Leaf scores highly on the compatibility scale. It should help you relax, restore and focus. 

Plant Care Tips: Velvet Calathea

  • The Velvet Calathea will appreciate a space with bright indirect light. Too much sunlight can scorch its leaves. 
  • Give it enough water to keep the soil moist and damp but be careful to not waterlog it. Make sure that the water drains out from the bottom of its container. Use rain or distilled water.
  • Humidity is a must! Mist the leaves often. You can also pace the plant pot on a tray with wet pebbles to increase moisture.
  • The ideal temperatures are between 18 and 29ºC. Keep the plant away from cold draughts. 
  • During the growing season only, Feed it once a month with a half diluted fertiliser. 
  • It’s a good idea to repot this plant every couple of years to freshen up the soil. Use an organic well-draining mix. 

The Velvet Calathea Story

Some people also call it Calathea Jungle Velvet.

Where is it from?

Native to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Who is the Velvet Calathea?

The Velvet Calathea is also a Prayer Plant, they will fold their leave at night looking like they are praying. 

Good For You!

  • Purifying:  The big leaves, covered in tiny pores will trap VOCs from the air keeping them away from your lungs! 
  • Humidifying: This Calathea transpires and acts as a natural humidifier in your home. 

Is The Velvet Calathea The Right Plant For Me?

New gardeners may find it a bit challenging to care for this plant. It requires a lot of attention especially in regard to watering. If you are a forgetful plant owner, you may need to ask someone to ‘plant-sit’ for you. 

But if you are up for the challenge, this can be a rewarding experience! Seeing the Velvet Calathea thrive as a result of your efforts will certainly take you to experienced gardener levels!  You may even become more confident to acquire other beautifully demanding plants! Imagine that! 

Pets: Pet Friendly

How tall does it grow? In a pot, the plant can grow 50 to 100 cm tall and wide. 

*Decorative pots sold separately 


Challenge accepted! A demanding plant that will bring your many benefits! Get your Velvet Calathea today!