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Watering 101 with Mama Botanica

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Are you sure you're watering your plants correctly?

Water is one of your plant's main sources of nutrients, get it right and your plant collection will flourish; get it wrong and your plants will fail.

But don't fret - Friend of Bloombox Club, and green-fingered superstar, Mama Botanica has given us her essential watering tips in under 2 minutes.  


After you have put your plants in the right lighting condition, the second step in taking care of them, is, of course watering them. So, some plants like to have their soil moist all the time while other plants would like to dry out in between waterings.

Ferns for example are a type of plant that need to stay moist, and you can recognize it, also if you forget to water them, then they start to hang really sad and their leaves really drop. But after you've watered them they will perk right up again.

On the other end of the watering spectrum we have cacti and succulents and those really need to dry out in between waterings if you keep them too moist you have a big chance that the roots will rot and your plant might die. And then you have the more sturdy plans like the Yucca and the Money tree which can handle a fair bit of dry soil before being watered again.

It is important to check the soil before you water your plants again, so just stick your finger in the soil to feel if the soil is dry or still wet; depending on your plant you want to check the soil once or twice a week. If the soil is wet for more than a week you can water your plant less next time, and if it's already dry after a day or two you can give some more water to your plants.

Some plants also really like to have a high humidity, if the humidity is too low in your house you can see brown edges appear on your plants. Then it's a good idea to take your spraying bottle and spritz your plants every once in a while, the amount of water your plant uses is also dependent on the amount of light your plant gets so if you put your plant in a darker spot it's very well possible it uses way less water than when you put it in a brighter spot, so that's why it's very important to always check the soil before you water them.

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