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Indoor Plants & Light with Mama Botanica

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Light is an essential source of energy for plants. Without sunlight, your plant won't survive for long, but too much can cause your plant's leaves to scorch.

Looking after plants isn't rocket science, but a few tips from experienced plant people can help. Friend of Bloombox Club, and green-fingered superstar, Mama Botanica explains how to get light right in under 2 minutes.


Plants need light.

It is their food, without it they will starve. But not all plants need the same amount of light. To figure out their needs, I always look at the origin of the plant and try to replicate those conditions in my home.

Take cacti and succulents, for example; they grow in desert-like conditions, with a lot of light and a lot of heat, so they'll love a spot in your southern window sill.

A lot of the more leafy plants, like the Calathea and the Alocasia, grow on the jungle floor. They only receive some filtered, indirect light, which passes through the leaves of the trees. Putting them in full sun might damage their leaves, so you should find a spot with indirect light for them.

During the winter time, there is less light, so you might need to move your plants to a brighter spot where they will get enough light.

In Summer time you should be careful about too much direct sunlight on your plants, as it might damage the leaves. If you see brown spots appearing on the leaves, try searching for a different spot for your plants.

Finding the right lighting conditions for your plants is the first step in taking care of them. Find out where they're from and see if you can replicate those conditions in your house, and then your plant will thrive!

See Mama Botanica's tips for watering indoor plants via the link below!

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