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Interior Design With Plants

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There’s a new way to upgrade your decor, and it's all the rage...Interior Design with plants! Yes, despite surviving the 80’s with most people turning their noses up at them, houseplants are back with a bang. You may just recognise some of the old favourites too..!

There’s often a myth that houseplants (in fact any plants) are difficult to grow.. Well, I bet I know exactly what you did wrong. You overwatered them. Don’t water your plant every single time you walk past it, which could be twice- or more- times in a day. You could end up drowning the poor things. Indoor plants only need need water once the surface of the compost dries out, so listen to what your plant is telling you…

Plants are part of an indoor air purification process too, as they absorb carbon dioxide and put out oxygen. Our bodies need oxygen, so we thank Mr Plant, and in return they soak up the carbon dioxide. Plants can also remove toxins from the air too.

Output in the workplace can increase when indoor plants are present. Nature is guaranteed to help you concentrate better, and so when you bring that indoors with a houseplant, the benefits can help everyone! Studies have shown that having houseplants near patients in hospitals can accelerate their recovery

A good starter plant for air purification and general good-looking-ness and ease of care is the humble Spider Plant. I am sure your home can squeeze one in the corner of the kitchen. For bathrooms, try Ferns, they will lap up the often moist atmosphere. In fact, our ‘Indoor Box’ has one plant for each room of your house!

Interior Design With Plants

Another good place to start is with cacti and succulents, and indeed I had a collecting obsession with them when I was younger. Cacti are a bit prickly, so make sure they’re well away from naughty little fingers in the home. A shelf in the sun will work perfectly. However, succulents are just as easy (and collectable!) and the chunky leaves store water, so you don’t need to water them half as often as other indoor plants.

Interior Design With Plants Cactus

Orchids can always be quite exotic, but also very easy! Some of these have become quite reasonably priced over the last few years, thanks to larger stores selling them at just a few pounds. However, for the more high brow interior designer, there are some more premium choices such as perfumed Dendrobium or the very grand, stately home favourites, Cymbidium! Your orchids will enjoy a special mix up of eggshells, used tea bags and banana puree every few months, and it has all the nutrients they need!

Interior Design With Plants

You can get crafty with houseplants too and jump onboard with the latest trends. Look out for macrame (knitted hangers for potted trailing plants), kokedama (moss-wrapped plants, hung by a twine), or terrariums (mini greenhouses packed with easy care plants). You'll find them in the Bloombox Club range soon!

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