Statement Plants To Brighten Up Your Home

‘I want to grow something, but I haven’t got the space’! Well, if I had a seed for every time I’ve heard those words, I’d be able to sow a football pitch. Well, here at Bloombox we don’t accept lack of space as an excuse! Any space can be glammed up with  statement plants. A little clever gardening ensures that your green fingers can get moving with our handy guide to every space from bookshelf to backyard.


So, let’s look at each space in turn, starting with your smallest. Ok, so you’ve told me you’re short of flat surfaces, and a plant would kinda get in the way. Well, how about discreet statement plants on a shelf? 

Statement Plants Bloombox

Provided there’s enough light, you could pop a cute cactus up there, or how about a trailing succulent, such as Ceropegia or Sedum morganianum (Bunny Tails)? Both of those choices are quite low maintenance too. 

With less light available, why not try the much-loved Spider Plant too, a vision I’m sure you have from your childhood! It’s tough, even if you forget it’s there, it’ll forgive you!

Table or sideboard

So, let’s say you’re happy to dedicate a bit more space to your new statement plants, and you want them to be a bit more of a feature? It could be flowering or foliage, but the key here is to dress up the containers as well as the plants.

Orchids are a good failsafe. They may look exotic, but they’re actually simple to grow, demanding just the equivalent of an ice cube of water per week! Many people go wrong by over-fussing! Display your orchid in a container/pot sheath that matches the decor of the room too, and your plant will soon blend in and become some ‘living decor’.

Statement Plants BloomBox

Room feature

If you’ve managed to mother a plant for a few months, you may feel ready to tackle something a little larger, and taking just a squidge more care. Well, perhaps you’re ready for a specimen plant, and for this there’s one frontrunner- the Fiddle Leaf Fig. It has presence and is great architecturally, with over-sized leaves, crimped and the most perfect green. It’s unfussy too. Perfect!

Your walls

For the more adventurous, there are options to create a living wall in your home, and there are tonnes of products now available in the marketplace. Some are filled with real plants, which will need some maintenance and a light room. Or, why not try- dare we utter the words- a FAKE living wall? Plastic plants have come a LONG way, and could easily be mistaken for the real thing!

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