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Planting up your Spring Box

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Publisher: Bloombox Club
Bloombox Club


We hope you are happy with the look of your lovely Spring delivery!

What’s in the box?

  • Fescuta Golden Toupee
  • Campanula Lavender
  • Primula Vialli
  • Heuchera palace purple
  • Ceanothus ‘Cool Blue’

Don’t forget you can click through all these to see the individual care cards for each one.

Top Tips On Planting Up

  1. These plants have been picked to give you a long lasting and vibrant planted up BloomBox sack, or any other container you choose to use up until the Summer.
  2. When deciding how you want to plant up your container, keep in mind the heights of the plants and their growth rates.
  3. We would recommend planting the Primula toward the back of the sack/container (remember you can take out and replant all of these later if you like)
  4. Next plant the Heuchera and Ceanothus slightly in front and to the sides of the primula to add texture and depth to your arrangement.
  5. At the front we would recommend the Campanula and the Festuca.
  6. Tweak and shuffle round the plants until you’re happy. Don’t be afraid to remove any unsightly leaves – especially from the Prim!


Please don’t forget to tweet, facebook or instagram us with your finished creations! We’d love to see them @bloomboxclub #downtoearth #bloomboxclub

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