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Subscriber of the Month - Croton Mammy

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Last month's Classic Subscribers received the Croton variegatum 'Mammy'a variegated star with corkscrew foliage. The Crotons you'll normally see on the market don't have such a strongly articulated shape, so keep this one safe as you may not come by another!

As always, we've loved seeing photos of your new plants settling in and this month we're featuring @thehouseplantedit's feed. Nadine offset the Mammy's dynamic foliage with a simple and serene background and captured the plant's spiral growth habit in a fab close-up shot. 

We caught up with Nadine and asked her a few questions about her subscription and her favourite plants. 

What appealed to you about our subscriptions? 
 I have quite a few plants already, and I started looking for more unusual ones which led me to Bloombox Club. I love that you offer unique, statement plants and that they come paired with such beautiful pots. 

If you had to choose, what would your favourite plant be and why? 

That's not an easy one to answer! I have so many Chinese Money Plants, because they keep sprouting babies! My very first plant was a Chinese Money Plant, so I have a soft spot there. My favourite Bloombox Club plant so far is definitely my Bird of Paradise, its such an elegant and statuesque plant. 

If you were a plant, which plant would you be? 
Something hardy like a succulent or a cactus. I love that they survive in the harshest conditions and thrive, and even flower. 


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