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Meet Pete, the plant who can use a camera

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Breaking news in the plant world: Pete, a maidenhair fern at London Zoo, has been named the first plant to take a selfie! Seriously, let us explain ... 

The event was no accident, but the result of extensive research by scientists hoping to create self-mechanising, sustainable technology to capture wildlife. 

How does it work, you ask?  

The project hinges on the bacteria which grows from the organic matter plants release into the earth. Said bacteria has been converted into fuel which powers cameras and sensors set up around the plants. 

This makes it possible for data to be collected in remote or sensitive locations with minimal interference by humans. 

Where previous technology has relied on batteries or sunny environments (for solar power), this new discovery is both sustainable and versatile. It could give researchers key data that would help illuminate problems such as climate change and threats to biodiversity. 

In honour of Pete, we’re showcasing some of our own ferns - scroll down to see some of our favourites.

Blue Star Fern

Hailing from the rain forests of South America, this fern has deliciously textured leaves and is a great air-purifier. 

Lace Fern

Okay, so this one isn't technically a fern, but it certainly looks the part.  As it matures it loses its early bushy look and throws out tendrils which give it the potential to climb.

Crispy Wave Fern

Also known as the Pleated Bird's Nest, the Crispy Wave is a beautiful bright green and luscious fern. With its fresh looking & thick textural leaves and air-purifying qualities it is the perfect green buddy for any home. 

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