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The Green Room

From plant care tips and videos to wellbeing articles, our blog is full of bitesize information that will help you take care of plants - and of yourself

A Failsafe Guide to Repotting Plants
Spring is the perfect time to repot your houseplants. Though they live in doors, houseplants still respond to seasonal changes. 
Top 5 Plants for Physical Health: Skin, Lungs, Immunity
This blog looks at five of the best plants for physical health. These green wonders affect the quality of the air in indoor environments, either by absorbing airborne toxins or affecting humidity levels. Cleaner, moderately humid air is great for skin (especially dry, winter skin), respiratory health and our immune systems.
How to Divide Potted Plants & Plant Pups
We share our step-by-step guide on plant propagation to help you divide your potted plants successfully. Let us tell you everything there is to kno...
How to Arrange Plants in Your Living Room
Our plantsperts reveal their top tips to help you maximize your living room with unique indoor plants! We teach you how to arrange plants in your l...
Valentine's Day Gifting in Lockdown
Whether you’re single, in a long distance relationship or spending 24/7 with your partner, it’s been a tough year for romance! Understandably, most...
6 Unusual Plants to Liven Up Your Zoom Background
If you'd told us last January that we'd spend most of the upcoming year at home,  we wouldn't have believed you. With a bit of hope and a lot of he...
Indoor Plants & Light with Mama Botanica
Light is an essential source of energy for plants. Without sunlight, your plant won't survive for long, but too much can cause your plant's leaves ...
Best Houseplants for Your Skin
Our skin. The largest organ of our body. It keeps us warm, allows us to experience touch, protects us from external dangers, and, most importantly,...
Watering 101 with Mama Botanica
Are you sure you're watering your plants correctly? Water is one of your plant's main sources of nutrients, get it right and your plant collection ...
How Does Colour Affect Mood?
Is your home a place that lifts your spirits and makes you feel comfortable?  Do you have a living room that makes you feel secure, a bedroom that ...
The Plant That Inspired Louboutin
After a long absence, Bloombox Club is proud to reintroduce the Begonia maculata, a rare foliage plant with two-toned leaves and distinctive white ...
What is Greenwashing?
In 1986 environmentalist Jay Westerveld coined the term 'greenwashing,' in an expose of American companies with questionable sustainability ethics....