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The Green Room

From plant care tips and videos to wellbeing articles, our blog is full of bitesize information that will help you take care of plants - and of yourself

Take Care of Nature and Nature Will Take Care of You
In recent weeks, you’ve probably seen images of woodland trails, parks and areas of natural beauty, strewn with litter, circulating around the int...
Why We Need Routine
It's fair to say that 2020 hasn't been a very routine year so far. Thanks to the global pandemic, our everyday schedules have been almost entirely...
Subscriber of the Month | June
Congratulations to Charlotte (@charlotteflorencehome), our subscriber of the month for June! Every month, Bloombox Club looks back at the pre...
What to Expect From a UK Staycation
Covid-19 has caused untold disruption, and summer plans are no exception. With fights, hotels and package holidays cancelled, and travel bans in f...
Would you work from home forever?
As many as 74% of companies will allow employees to work from home beyond the pandemic, say management experts Gartner. Tech giants facebook, Google and Twitter have all publicly announced an expansion of their pre-lockdown home-working privileges, with the latter saying workers will be allowed to remain at home forever. 
Subscriber of the Month - April
Congratulations to Jessica, our subscriber of the month for April! Every month, Bloombox Club looks back at the previous month's batch of sub...
Subscriber of the Month - March
We love seeing our plants settle in to their new homes. Every Bloombox Club subscriber adds something a little different and all of your posts help to spread the value of nature!
The Truth About Sustainability and Houseplants
For the majority of UK vendors, guaranteeing the sustainability of all plants is unlikely, if not quite impossible. So, if a plant seller insists on their environmental credentials across the board, take it with a pinch of salt ... 
Free plants = happy people
Spreading happiness one plant at a time, the Bloombox Club team took to the streets for Random Acts of Kindness Day! Acts of kindness are good for...
Doing Good Does You Good
Random Acts of Kindness day dares you to break out of your self-protective bubble and do something altruistic. This could be as small as letting someone off the train before you or paying for a stranger’s coffee. 
Your plant match is waiting
Sick of timewasters, ghosting and disappointment? If dating apps are bringing you nothing but woe, maybe the one for you isn’t a person but a plant...
What is Chinese New Year?
The Chinese calendar follows lunar and solar cycles, meaning the New Year begins with the first new moon, after the Earth has made a full revolutio...