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How to Arrange Hanging Plants

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Somehow, no matter how many plants we collect, we always manage to find space to put them. There is always a space on a shelf, a spot on the counter, a window ledge, a mantelpiece and bountiful floor space to put plants. 

Unlike furniture, appliances and gadgets, plants seem to open up space rather than restrict it. In other words, the more plants we have in our homes, the more they seem to breathe. You're much less likely to feel claustrophobic in a space dense with plant-life, than in a sparse interior, cut-off from the natural world. 

HOWEVER, if you do think your surfaces are adequately greened-up, it might be time to start thinking about hanging plants ... 

Bloombox Club hanging plants come with their own detachable hanger, which means as soon as yours arrives, it's ready to put up high without getting too serious about DIY (not that you can't work some serious magic if you get creative. 

As of this week, we have FOUR new hanging varieties, one of which is a particularly rare find: the Parthenocissus amazonica, or Jungle Vine. These four hanging plants compliment the SIX unique varieties already in our collection.

Each of these 10 plants are ready to be popped up high, left to trail or trained to climb.  

If you're looking for a bit of inspirations (and let's face it, now's the time for home improvement!) scroll down to see some of our suggestions on where to hang trailing plants.  

On a Shower Rail

Yes, really!

Any plants that love moisture, humidity and indirect sun should be able to handle a shower rail - trust us when we say that plants make better bathroom buddies than rubber duckies. 

We suggest hanging them on the opposite side of the rail to the shower end, and refraining from giving them any additional moisture. The idea is that they get everything they need from the humidity in the air - not that they get dunked in water every morning or night!

Coat Racks and Wall Hooks 

Quite unfairly, we often suggest hanging plants on beams or mantlepieces, fully aware that most of us don't live in an 18th century manor!

If you're not lucky enough to live at Wuthering Heights, try hanging a plant on a free coat rack or wall hooks.

These are fairly easy items to find at charity and junk shops. And if your coat racks are already full (of coats), consider buying a rack purely to hang your plants on.    

Ways To Hang Plants

On Bed Frames

Having plants in the bedroom can help create a calming, peaceful atmosphere that should help you get good quality sleep. 

If you have a bed with a frame, adorning it with a few of our hanging plants will make your bedroom super dreamy. 

Directly on the Walls

Who needs pictures when you can have plants? There are some beautiful geometric mini-shelf structures doing the rounds on social media.  

On Door Knobs

If you have a cupboard door or drawer that you open very rarely (so you're not permanently taking the plant up and down) dress it up with a String of Pearls or Peperomia

See our current selection of hanging plants and more here!


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