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The Green Room

From plant care tips and videos to wellbeing articles, our blog is full of bitesize information that will help you take care of plants - and of yourself

Plant Propagation: How to Divide Potted Plants & Plant Pups
We share our step-by-step guide on plant propagation to help you divide your potted plants successfully. Let us tell you everything there is to kno...
The Plant That Inspired Louboutin
After a long absence, Bloombox Club is proud to reintroduce the Begonia maculata, a rare foliage plant with two-toned leaves and distinctive white ...
New Year Decorating Using Your Indoor Plants
New Year, new you! While you may have made some great New Year’s Resolutions for yourself, it might be time to think about some New Year resolution...
An Interview with Eve Chase
To celebrate the recent success of Richard & Judy book club author Eve Chase's latest releases, we teamed up with Penguin Books to come up with...
Mental Shifts Need Environmental Shifts
There’s a reason rehab facilities take residents out of their daily routines and into a completely new environment. When it comes to behavioural ch...
Diary of a Plant Hunter
If you’ve ever stopped and wondered where your houseplants come from and how they come to be, there’s no story more satisfying than that of Smit Kw...
Houseplants for Balconies, Terraces and Covered Gardens
A word of caution before you bring you unroot your entire plant collection: most houseplants lap up warmth and light, but will shrivel in direct sun. Similarly, some plants are either too fussy or too delicate to risk moving from the spot they’ve adapted to. While an Areca Palm could get caught in a sudden summer rainstorm and be fine, a Calathea or Orchid might be gone for good. 
Would you work from home forever?
As many as 74% of companies will allow employees to work from home beyond the pandemic, say management experts Gartner. Tech giants facebook, Google and Twitter have all publicly announced an expansion of their pre-lockdown home-working privileges, with the latter saying workers will be allowed to remain at home forever. 
How to Arrange Hanging Plants
Somehow, no matter how many plants we collect, we always manage to find space to put them. There is always a space on a shelf, a spot on the count...
Best Plants for Productivity, Concentration and Mood
Ocean noises to help you unwind, walks in the park for fresh air, a long hike to clear your head. There’s a reason humans flock to nature when they...
Could this hobby save a generation?

A wave of research has been published on the value of getting kids involved with gardening, with some schools and local authorities setting up allotments and gardening schemes in response. Esteemed childhood psychologists, such as Montessori and Steiner, have championed the value of young people interacting with plants, for at least 100 years.  

How Can Plants Improve Workplace Productivity?
The correlation between plants and productivity has a strong evidence base, but are we any closer to finding out why it exists?