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How to Divide Potted Plants & Plant Pups

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We share our step-by-step guide on plant propagation to help you divide your potted plants successfully. Let us tell you everything there is to know about separating plant pups - what they are, what tools you will need for the process and how you can easily expand your plant collection in a few simply steps. We also recommend specific plants, plant pots and tools to get you started on your journey. So, what are you waiting for?

Pland Potting

Propagating indoor plants is a super easy and fun activity. With our help you will become a plant mum in no time! And with Mother’s Day around the corner, we thought now was a great time to talk all things plant babies. So, whether you're looking for a fun Mother's Day activity or the opportunity to create a unique gift (that won't break the bank),we have got you covered!

What are plant pups?

Plant pups are also known as offshoots or sister plants. They grow from lateral roots just below soil level. Eventually, once they have formed their own roots, they can be separated from the parent plant and re-potted to grow on their own.

The best time to repot plant babies is in the spring, when plants tend to be at their ripest during the growing season. 

What you will need?

It’s actually very basic! All you will need is:

  • A new Small Pot for your plant pup 
  • Multipurpose compost or house plant potting mix

You may also need:

Pots and Accessories

How to separate plant pups?

There are two main ways of separating plant pups from the parent plant: Division and Stem Cutting. Don't worry it won't hurt your plant! Once your pups are fully formed they are ready to fly the nest and start a home of their own.


This dividing process works on many plants but we recommend our Chinese Money PlantPygmy Pineapple 'Amigo' or Banana Plant.

  1. Look out for pups that grow from the bottom of the main stem or pop out of the soil. 
  2.  When they are roughly half the size of the parent plant, gently dig into the soil (roughly 1”) until you reach an area on the stem that has grown some roots. 
  3. Cut the stem using a pair of clean scissors or with the pineapple plant you can just gently rip the pup off from the main plant.
  4. Repot them in fresh, moist soil and leave for a few days before watering. 

Stem Cutting

The other main method of repotting offshoots is by cutting the stem off trailing plants like Golden PothosPhilodendron Atom or the Hanging Green Sweetheart Plant 

  1. Cut off around 4” of healthy stem that includes at least 2 leaves and some small but visible roots. 
  2. Place the stem in a jar filled halfway with water (make sure no leaves are touching the water). 
  3. Leave in a spot with indirect sunlight for a few weeks or until roots are fully produced. Make sure to change to water from time to time.
  4. Repot the plant and use small doses of our Organic Plant Food to help your babies grow!

Top tip: Your new potted plants may take some time to adapt to their new home, so don’t expect miracles to happen overnight. Make sure you place them in indirect sunlight and turn them every so often so that they grow evenly. 

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